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Katarzyna Pankiewicz
Psychologist, psychotherapist
Adults psychotherapist

I work with patients in difficult family, partner and marital relationships. I invite to therapeutic work people experiencing difficulties in dealing with emotions, experiencing depression, anxiety, as well as those characterized by reduced self-esteem, as well as people who feel the loss of the meaning of life.

The problems of mobbing at work and professional burnout are close to my heart. My goal in psychotherapy is to help you deal with difficult life situations.

In the therapeutic process, together with the patient, I build a relationship based on trust and safety, I help to understand and support development processes and build greater self-awareness so that our decisions are our conscious choices. The effect of therapy is better self-knowledge, conscious choices and understanding of their consequences.

I work in Polish and English.

My work is subject to regular supervision.


I graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Warsaw and a 4-year psychotherapy course organized by the Wrocław Foundation for Mental Health Protection and Psychotherapy Development. The studies are accredited by the Scientific Section of Psychotherapy of the Polish Psychiatric Association and the Scientific Section of Family Therapy of the Polish Psychiatric Association. The studies covered 1520 hours, including 700 hours of theoretical and practical education, 250 hours of own psychotherapeutic experience and 150 hours of group and individual supervision.

Personal experience

Completed own psychotherapy

Professional experience

Online Psychotherapy Clinic

Private Practice

Professional ethics

I follow the ethical principles of the Polish Psychiatric Association, of which I am a member

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