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Łukasz Franc Adults psychotherapist, young adults psychotherapist, integrative and brainspotting therapist - MyWay
Łukasz Franc
Adults psychotherapist, young adults psychotherapist, integrative and brainspotting therapist

I conduct psychotherapy and consultations with adults and young adulst who experience all kinds of emotional suffering. These can be problems in establishing and maintaining satisfactory relationships, current crisis, difficult experiences or traumas from childhood, mild addictions, anxiety, depression, OCD or problems on the border of psychology and spirituality (e.g. scruples, neurotic religiosity).

In my psychotherapeutic work I mainly use schema therapy, cognitive-behavioral approach, psychodynamic and systemic thinking.

I also use Dr David Grand's Brainspotting (BSP) techniques. BSP is an EMDR-derived, very efficient modern approach of working with emotional wounds, difficult feelings or traumas. 

Certificates & diplomas

A graduate of the Higher School of Philosophy and Pedagogy "Ignatianum" in Krakow and the School of Integrative Psychotherapy at SPCH Warsaw.

Personal experience

Own psychotherapy, individual and group supervision, Balint groups, interpersonal, intrapsychic and group therapeutic training.

Professional experience

I have gained professional experience working with mentally ill people in the Foundation of Aniela Salawa, being an educator at the Family Child's Care Home in Krakow and as an assistant at the Psychiatric Hospital in Norwich (England). I have also worked with people with Asperger Syndrome and various other disabilities and learning difficulties. I coordinated aid activities as an advisor for recovery and support in the Warsaw Integrated System of Environmental Treatment and Support for People with Mental Disorders. Currently, I work mainly as a psychotherapist for various entities and in my private practice.

Professional ethics

I follow the principles of the code of ethics described by the Association of Christian Psychologists. I subject my psychotherapeutic work to supervision.

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