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Beata Miłaszewicz
Psychologist, psychotherapist
Adults psychotherapist

I’m a psychologist and psychotherapist that works with adults and couples. I graduated from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań specialising in psychology. I also completed a psychotherapy program with the Greater Poland Society of Systemic Therapy.

I primarily conduct my psychotherapeutic practice through Systemic Therapy, and utilise elements of Cognitive and Narrative therapy as well as Schema and Emotional Focus Therapy; with Holistic Psychology being a subject close to my heart.

I specialise in working with people with mood disorders, anxieties (including obsessive compulsive disorder), eating and personality disorders. I deal with problems in relationships, emotional and professional crises.

In my work, I emphasise the client’s strengths and skills, of which they're often unaware. I adapt tools and working methods individually. I care about comfort and the right pace of work in accordance with the abilities and needs of the person.

Certificates & diplomas

2017 - Completed basic course on "Individual and Family Systemic Psychotherapy" at the Greater Poland Society of Systemic Therapy in Poznań Currently in the advanced course.
2015 - Completed post-graduate studies in the field of Psychological Diagnosis in Clinical Practice at the SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw
2014 - A Master’s Degree in Psychology at the University of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan
2012 - Rational emotive behaviour therapy (REBT) course at the Centre for Integral Psychotherapy in Poznań

2017-2018 - Couples therapy course at the Institute of Professional Counselling (IPP) in Poznań
2016 - “Therapy for anxiety” course at IPP in Poznań
2016 - “A systemic therapy response to the needs of people after trauma” at IPP in Poznań
2016 - “Borderline personality disorder from a systemic therapy perspective” course at IPP in Poznań.
2017 - “Eating disorders in a systemic therapy perspective” course at IPP in Poznań
2017 - “Therapeutic work with mourning and loss” at IPP in Poznań
2017 - “Obsessive-compulsive disorder in the therapist's office” course at IPP in Poznań.
2017 - “Basic course of Emotion Focused Therapy with couples” at IPP in Poznań
2017 - “Depression - systemic therapy perspective” course. Basic and advanced part. IPP in Poznań.

Personal experience

I performed my own psychotherapy sessions and I regularly attend study groups of personal psychological experience at the Greater Poland Systemic Therapy Society.

Professional experience

2011 - Internship at the Poznań Mental Health Centre at the Psychiatric Day Rehabilitation Ward
2012 - Volunteering at the Emergency Centre in Poznań
2014-2019 - Psychologist at the "Dziekanka" Provincial Hospital for Neurotic and Mentally Ill patients in Gniezno (experience in psychiatric, neurology and addiction therapy departments) and at the mental health clinic there.
2017-2019 - Psychologist in the "Anka's House" Self-Help Community in Gniezno.
From 2019 - Psychologist and psychotherapist at the ‘Para Familia’ Institute of Mental Health in Gorzów Wielkopolski.

Professional ethics

In my work I am guided by the principles of the Psychologist's Ethical and Professional Code and the Psychotherapist's Code of Ethics, and I work under regular supervision.

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