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Paulina Kubś
Psychologist, psychotherapist
Adults psychotherapist

I am a psychologist, a certified psychotherapist with a comprehensive course in Psychotherapy, specializing in systemic therapy, using an eclectic way of thinking in my work, so I use knowledge within the psychodynamic approach, gestalt and other humanistic approaches. I am also close to positive psychology, psychoanalysis, Jungian analysis, existential approach, including pro-health prevention.

Practically, it means that during a conversation with a patient, I hear the story first the way he or she creates it,than I give  the right frames using hypotheses and questions, and point to the patient's reality and resources. I also look for stressors present in his/her every day life that may pathologize normal wat of functioning or prevent the implementation of some activities, then we check the functions of these stressors, since they are present in the life of the person seeking support, even though he or she know about them and  still not remove them. 

During the psychotherapeutic meeting, I focus on building a sense of security and trust, giving space to tell my patient's story, trying to find a therapeutic framework for it. Instead of diagnoses, I try to build hypotheses and instead of deficiencies, I try to point to the patient's resources.

I base my approach on supporting, accompanying in suffering and indicating hypotheses that I check with the patient on examples from his/her life history, which of them may prove useful as guidance, knowledge or explanation for the difficulties with which the patient reports.
For me, the process of psychotherapy is a special encounter with the psyche of a person who has undergone trauma and knows that the experience of the past limits them and does not allow them to discover new solutions.

Feel invited if you :

- have experienced violence and other crises or difficulties in childhood and adolescence, which makes it impossible for them to fully fulfil themselves as adults and who need support,
- have pathological relationship patterns and try to get out of them,
- want to learn good relationship and good communication,
- have anxiety disorders, depression, PTSD,
- know that they suffer from DDD and DDA syndrome,
- have adaptation difficulties in a new environment (emigrants, work),
- have difficulties and have difficulties and a crisis in their relationship or marriage,
- have difficulty leaving the family, or family patterns impair the normal functioning of the entire family system,
- together as a family or in a relationship have gone through a crisis and cannot cope with it, and e.g. need to understand and support it together, also get help in the form of psychoeducation,
- are victims of a rigid thinking pattern,
- are believers and find it difficult to open up to psychotherapy or help for themselves,
- seek support when facing cultural differences.

Therapy is a meeting during which we discover new spaces for the patient through a thorough understanding of the patterns that are reproducing in their life and an attempt to break them through psychotherapeutic support, which brings learning trust and communication and helps in naming boundaries.

Working as a psychotherapist shows me how important it is for the patient to persevere in a therapeutic relationship, which brings him or her the reduction of suffering and the achievement of some form of self-realization. 

His/her consistency in striving for normal and healthy is extremely important.

Privately, I am a person who both loves peace and quiet, e.g. with a book, and a very dynamic person, following new directions and good challenges.

Available services

Psychotherapy in English, 50 min. -
259,00 zł
Couple psychotherapy in English, 50 min. -
319,00 zł
Couple psychotherapy in English, 90 min. -
389,00 zł
Opinion/Diagnosis in English -
259,00 zł
Certificate of attendance in English -
159,00 zł
Certificates & diplomas

master of art in psychology
- 5-year master's degree studies at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Jagiellonian University
- 4-year comprehensive course in Psychotherapy at the Systemic Psychotherapy Center in Krakow
- Fundamentals of Psychoanalysis course at KSPP
- a course in the Basics of Hypnosis at the Society for Research and Development on Hypnosis in Krakow
- Rational Behaviour Psychotherapy course - basic level/introduction
- Coach course in Set Group
- Trainer course conducted by the Jagiellonian University
- Psychotherapy of Sexual Disorders course at the Psychotherapy Development Laboratory and the Foundation for the Development of Therapy of Families on Szlak street

Personal experience

- group therapy
- individual therapy
- supervisions
- internships and student internships
- Balinta group
- Intra mental training
- Training

Professional experience

- running my own practice since 2016
- clinical internship at Subdivision C of Psychotic Disorders of the University Hospital in Krakow
- student internship at the Provincial Mental Health Clinic in Krakow (group therapy)
- internship from the Municipal Office Helpful Hand Association (work with DDA syndrome)
- student internship at the Department of Personality Disorders of the Babiński Hospital in Krakow
- internship at the DDA Psychotherapy Center in Krakow (group therapy)
- cooperation with various online platforms
- conducting training in systemic psychotherapy at PTPP

Professional ethics

I work in accordance with the applicable rules of professional ethics.
I subject my work to individual and group supervisions.

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