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Joanna Kuklińska
Psychologist, psychotherapist
Adults psychotherapist

I chose the profession of a psychotherapist because relationships, dealing with emotions, reflecting on the meaning of life have always been important to me. Being curious about every human story and convinced of the effectiveness of psychotherapy as a method of treatment, I want to be helpful to my patients in facing the reality that is difficult for them. During psychotherapeutical treatment I establish a safe relationship that will allow you to gain knowledge about yourself that you are often unaware of.

In my work, I combine methods from various therapeutic schools, but I am particularly close to the psychodynamic and humanistic trends.

I believe that in therapy it is important to create an atmosphere conducive to trust, so that you can entrust me with problems that take away your will to live, that you cannot face, that you are ashamed or afraid of .

I decided to become a psychotherapist after undergoing my own therapy, thanks to which I got in touch with my emotions, this allowed me to pursue my passions, remain calm in stressful situations and not be afraid of changes in my life.

I am guided by empathy and respect for other people, I try to get to know my patients and gain their trust by establishing a safe therapeutic relationship. I am curious about people and their stories. I also treat teenagers from the age of 16 and provide psychological consultations for parents of teenagers.


I help adult and young adult patients struggling with the following difficulties:

- life crisis,

- burnout,

- relationship problems,

- low self-esteem,

- mood disorders,

- personality disorders,

- neuroses,

- intrusive thoughts,

- fears of various origins,

- depression.


2020 - to date: Jagiellonian University, Collegium Medicum, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Psychotherapy,  four-year comprehensive psychotherapy course in the form of postgraduate studies.

2003-2004 National University of Ireland, teaching English as a foreign language.

1986-1992 Wrocław University of Technology, Master of Science in biomedical engineering.


Personal experience

2017 - 2021 - personal therapy, Wrocław Psychocounselling Center, Paweł Jankowski

March 2022 - participation in a training camp (60 hours of training) run by the Department of Psychotherapy of the Jagiellonian Uniwersity Medical College

Professional experience

January 2021 - March 2022 - volunteering in  'Żółty Parasol' - a councelling association in Wrocław, conducting psychotherapeutic consultations for patients in life crisis (supervised sessions)

private psychotherapy office - work with  individual patients (adults)

May 2021 - to date - participation in group supervision (about 90 hours)


Professional ethics

I work in accordance with the code of ethics of the Polish Psychiatric Association, of which I am a member.

My work is regularly supervised.

The ethical principles cover the following areas:

1. Responsibility

2. Competences

3. Moral and Legal Standards

4. Discretion

5. Customer welfare

6. Relations between professionals

7. Public Appearances

8. Diagnostic Techniques

9. Research

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