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Zuzanna Bończyk
Psychologist, psychotherapist
Adults psychotherapist, children and young adults psychotherapist

In my work, I try to discover and strengthen the client's skills so that she or he can deal with the problem.
I specialize in individual work with people with depression who experience anxiety and relationship problems.
The subject of strengthening self-esteem, being authentic and the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) are close to my heart.
I supervise my work.
I am a member of the Network of Support and Self-Education of School Educators and Psychologists.

Certificates & diplomas

Master of Psychology (University of Lodz)
Psychotherapist in a Solution Focused Approach (Short-Term Therapy Center in Łódź)
International ambassador of the method of working with children "Kids' skills"

Personal experience

As part of the training, I experienced over 100 hours of my own, individual (in cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic) and group (in a solution-focused approach) psychotherapy.

Professional experience

I examined candidates for military service and conscripts at the military Psychological Assessment Centre. For 3 years I was providing psychological care to patients of the Mental Health Clinic in the form of home visits. I supported foster families and children placed in foster care as part of my work at the Social Welfare Center. Since 2009 I have been working as a psychologist with students, their parents and teachers at Primary School. I ran psychotherapy for adults at the Special Educational Center. At the Foundation for Family Support and Development, I co-hosted a series of therapeutic classes focused on strengthening the bonds between children and their carers.

Professional ethics

In my work, I follow the principles in accordance with the Psychologist's Ethical and Professional Code and the Psychotherapist's Code of Ethics.
The best value for me as a psychologist and psychotherapist is the good of others. I respect the dignity of people I have contact with and I care about professional confidentiality. The goal of my professional activity is to help another person in solving life difficulties and achieving a better quality of life by developing individual skills and improving human interactions.

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