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Magdalena Krakowska
Psychologist, psychotherapist
Adults psychotherapist, children and young adults psychotherapist,

SPECIALIZATIONS: difficulties in relationships, with assertiveness, self-esteem, emotional problems, fears and depressed mood.

I have 18 years experiencein working with teenagers with behaviour disorders and have been practicing in Warsaw Neurology and Psychiatry Center.

Working with people is a priviledge for me, as much as responsibility for the process. I take care of my clients wellbeing by adapting methods to the goals they want to achieve.

I adress my offer of individual psychotherapy to adults and young people over 13 years old who struggle with:

  • problems in adapting to living in a foreign country,
  • problems in interpersonal relationships,
  • lack of satisfaction in close relationships (with parents, children, spouse, partner), e.g. communication problems, avoiding intimacy,
  • relationship crises: serious conflicts, tension, adultery, threat of divorce, separation
  • life crises, e.g. death of an important person, serious illness, loss of work,
  • anxiety disorders,
  • depressed mood, low energy, changes in sleep patterns (insomnia or sleeping too much)
  • low self-esteem,
  • excessive stress, tension, irritability,
  • psychosomaticdisorders.

Available services

Psychotherapy in English, 50 min. -
259,00 zł
Parental consultation in English, 50 min.-
279,00 zł
Psychotherapy in English for children, 50 min.-
259,00 zł
Certificate of attendance in English -
129,00 zł
Opinion/Diagnosis in English -
259,00 zł

2018 - 2023 - Four-year Psychotherapy Program in an Integrated Approach 

2015 - 2016 - coaching - postgraduate studies

2000 - 2005 - social rehabilitation pedagogy at the Universit Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego 

Personal experience

As part of self-development, I had 130 hours of self-therapy in the CBT and schema psychotherapy.

Professional experience

VIII.2020 - 2022 - Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology
VIII.2020 - present - individual practice


Professional ethics

I work in accordance with the Code of Professional Ethics for a psychotherapist.

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