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Joanna Trela
Psychologist, psychotherapist
Adults psychotherapist, couples psychotherapist

As an experienced psychotherapist, I am prepared to assist you on your journey to relief and inner peace. My life path has taken me from a small town to vibrant metropolises in several countries, teaching me rapid adaptation, psychological resilience, and building new relationships. These experiences have helped me understand that change is a natural part of life, even though it was challenging as I am a highly sensitive person. Today, I am ready to share this understanding with you.

In therapy, I emphasize empathy, authenticity, and trust. My approach is based on ensuring that you feel accepted and understood while also safely exploring yourself. From my practice, I have found that therapeutic sessions are often the only place where you can truly speak your mind.

I assure you that in my therapeutic space, you will be able to be yourself, and your experiences and thoughts will be respected. Together, we will explore the key areas of your life that require attention, so you can achieve inner peace and harmony.

If you're seeking support because you sometimes feel overwhelmed, experience anxiety, mood swings, unbearable stress, or if your relationships with people are deteriorating, and you're unsure why or know why but keep repeating the same mistakes, I invite you on a therapeutic journey. I believe that together, we can discover your strengths and strategies that will help you improve your situation, reduce suffering, and experience genuine relief.



Master of Science in Psychology - Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland. 2008
PhD in Psychology - University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia. 2019

Personal experience

4-year psychoanalysis school run by the Australian Centre for Psychoanalysis (established in 1986)
Own psychoanalysis completed

Professional experience

10 years of psychological training and practice 4 years of psychotherapeutic practice

Professional ethics

My work is guided by the professional code of ethics.

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